Daily Mindfulness Practice

1. Twenty Minutes of Sitting Meditation each Day:
Mindfulness of Breathing:

Breathing in I know I am breathing In
Breathing Out I know I am breathing Out

After the Sitting Meditation is done: Note if it was:
  • 1. Pleasant or unpleasant
  • 2. Was your mind calm or scattered
  • 3. Was the body relaxed and alert?
  • 4. What drew your mind away from the breath most frequently? When you lost touch with the breath, and noticed this, did you come back to breath at once?
  • (2) Two 3 minute “Breathing Breaks” Each Day:
    • a. Stop what you are doing and follow your breath for 3 minutes.
    • b. It is helpful to decide in advance when you will do this.
      [For example, after lunch, just after getting home from work, while working at a computer, etc.
    (3) Choose one activity to do slowly and mindfully each day.
    • a.Pick a simple activity such as brushing your teeth, or drinking a glass of water.
    • b. Practice with same activity each day.
    (4) Walking Meditation:
    • Practice mindful walking, x1/day, for 5 minutes,
      as you walk to the subway, or bus, or at any time during your day.
    (5) Mindful Eating:
    • a. Note those times when you really notice what you are eating.
    • b. Begin one meal per day with 3 minutes of silent eating.
    (6) Pleasant Events Calendar [x3/week]:
    Be aware of a pleasant event at the time it is happening. Later write it down using the questions below to help.
    [Write only a paragraph or two.]
    • a. Were you aware of the pleasant feelings while the event was happening?
    • b. How did your body feel during this experience?
    • c. What moods, feelings, and thoughts accompanied this event?
    • d. What thoughts and feelings are in your mind now as you write it down?

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